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About Us

Fede En Fashion: “Your beauty is unlike any other, don’t dress like every other.” TM

I created Fede En Fashion in 2015. However, the dream of owning my own boutique has been life long. Frequently using fashion, clothing, accessories, to tell the story of who I am, to create an art piece to show the world, I wanted to bring that passion to the women in my life and the world.

People’s uniqueness and individuality is so special, so beautiful. Too often I found myself purchasing the same items of clothing as everyone else. I wanted to bring the ability to be different. The pieces on our site are in very limited quantities so that when you purchase a piece, not everyone will have it. It will be unique to you. The pieces in our collections have a different take or edge on the normal items you may see elsewhere. You will find pieces that follow the current trends, but with a spin. Core to our company is stepping outside of the norm, the everyday, the typical. I don’t want you to fall in line, I want you to show your own way, your own story, your own self.

Each time you wear a Fede en Fashion piece, the goal is for you to feel beautiful, unique, different. I want you to be excited to step out of the ‘norm’ and really show the world who you are! We each bring a special gift to this world. It’s important we share those gifts. I hope my pieces, my story, will help bring out your unique gifts.

Please reach out and connect with me! 

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Serena Rezko
Fede En Fashion, LLC